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current exhibitions

endangered invasive and undiscovered [species]

location: online/ museum of the white mountains, main gallery

date: october 14, 2020 - february 1, 2021

opening reception: reception via zoom: oct 14, 5-6pm

science inspires art.  the natural world and its systems have motivated artist and psu professor kimberly ritchie’s art practice, leading her to explore at- risk environments, and to experiment with communicating ecologies via a mixture of media including printmaking, photography, and sculptural objects.  her passion for bridging disciplines in her work infuses her teaching through cluster connected class projects.

space 2 place: a philosopher’s journey across america

location: online/ silver center for the arts, lobby gallery

date: september 8, 2020 - january 22, 2021

the space 2 place exhibition showcases dr. maria sanders’ fall 2019 sabbatical from plymouth state university, during which time she and her 13-year-old son traveled for five months to all fifty states exploring the various ways people intentionally create important places and innovatively repurpose existing structures.

museum exhibitions are presented with support from mwm membership.